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Wuhan Morntrip Trading Co., Ltd.

is the branch office of Tongda in Wuhan. Established in 2004, we are a professional manufacturer of non-woven protective products. Covering an area of 50,000 sq.m, our production bases are located in Xiantao, the most famous non-woven city, which has the most complete supply chain and the richest experience in non-woven manufacturing in China. We are only one hour drive from Wuhan port, the biggest inland port in China, which is very convenient and economical for FCL.


Focused on non-woven production, R&D, and marketing for more than 20 years, we have developed into a large-scale manufacturer. We have integrated a complete product supply chain, including raw material production, finished product processing, packaging, and transportation. Those experiences also made us a KOL in this field.  

Our factory is certified with China medical device production license, CE and ISO 13485. Main products include medical masks/respirators, medical/industrial protective clothing and other disposable protective items. We also produce non-woven fabrics by ourselves, including spun-bond, melt-blown, and SMS non-woven.

Our Wish

a healthy green world

Our wish is to help people stay safe at their work so that they can have a healthy body and mind to enjoy nature.

Dr.morn means a doctor in the morning, a sub-brand of Morntrip, which offer you daily respiration protection solutions and products to let you enjoy the day. Our main products are all kinds of masks and respirators.

our Development

Always Improving To Stay Competitive

Family Mask Workshop
Before 2004
A Family Workshop

During this period, we were only a small family workshop. But our honesty and high pursuit of production quality helped us accumulate.

2004 - 2014
Domestic Trading

A new journey started in 2004, we moved into our former production base on Pengchang Avenue. Our business development in China went into the fast lane. In this decade, we can take thousands of orders from exporting companies in one year.

Front Door of Former Factory
Wuhan Office Opening Ceremony
Wuhan Office

Our factory is located in a small town called Pengchang, where most of the citizens do not know English. To start our importing business, we finally chose Wuhan, the provincial capital which is only one hour drive from our factory. 

Wuhan office opened in 2015. We also started operating the Morntrip brand then.

2017 - 2019
New Production Base

In 2017, the non-woven fabric production line was imported from Japan, which produces SMS, spun-bond and melt-blown fabrics.

Over 50,000 sq.m of modernized new dust-free workshops were put into production in 2018. Our total employees reached 300.

In 2019, our annual sales reached 200 million RMB, non-woven fabric annual output over 7,000 tons, and delivered finished products over 30 pieces of 40HQ containers every month.

New Non-woven Fabric Production Line
Face Masks Arrived in Saudi Arabia
2020 - Now
Practice social responsibility

We were the first group of mask suppliers designated to help prevent the epidemic in February 2020.

We were also the first batch of factories listed on the white list for exporting non-medical and medical masks. After that, we produced tens of billions of medical masks for institutions and companies all over the world, such as Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health, and several airlines.

Our journey

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Shanghai, China

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Our Experts

Team leaders

Clark You

General Manager

Over 10-Year-Experience in Company and VIP Clients Management. Expert in Foreign Trade B2B Coaching & Manage Consulting.

Summer You

General Sales Manager

20-Years-Experience in Developing Key Accounts and Managing Tenders. Over 10 Years of Experience in Team Management And Sales Training.

Vivian Huang

Purchasing Manager

Over 5 Years of Experience in Foreign Trade Purchasing. Familiar with Medical & Industrial Quality Standards of CN, EU, and the US.

Sophie Liu

Sales Manager

Expert in Medical Devices, Especially Protective Products. 7-Year-Experience in Serving The South American Market. Good at Team Training and Managing.

Alfie Tong

Sales Manager

12 Years of Sales Experience, 6 Years of Experience Focusing on The Health Care & PPE Industry, And Serving Several Country Government Tenders.

Ada Guo

Sales Manager

10-Year-Experience in International Trading. Devoted 8 Years to the Medical and Industry PPE field.Team Leading & Managing Master.

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